Customized dzdocks.


  • High quality American product.
  • Something they WILL use!
  • Works with so many devices.
  • Is available in so many colors.
  • Display your logo and message.
  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Costs less than a gift basket!

What must you have?

  • An order of 50 or more.
  • A logo that fits an area 2.5" x 1.0".
  • A black & white .jpg image.
  • Selected one of our many colors.
  • A mailing list.
  • Given us a week to deliver.

E-mail us at to place your order.

Our iPad iPhone stand. Your logo.

Send your clients a gift that represents you well.

This year do something different! Set yourself and your company apart from the crowd, and actually spend less money than you did last year!

Show clients how much you appreciate their business. Show business associates how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment. Suprise them by giving them a quality American made product they are sure to use and appreciate.
Put your logo on something you won't find in the trash next time you visit! Give them something they can use with their cherished iPad, tablet or ebook. Give them something that shares the qualities you want associated with yourself and your company.

Give them a dzdock! E-mail us at to place your order.

Make someone Happy!

You get business gifts. How long do they last? What do they tell you about the sender?

Sure I could use another rum cake, some fun candy or even better, a big basket of cheese and salami so filled with preservatives that if everything was made the same way mold would be extinct. How about a pen, a memory stick or one of those gadgets you get because you "already have everything you really need"...Give me a break!

Be different! Set yourself and your company apart. Your logo and message will be there front and center, simply because you gave them a gift they will love and can use!.