Our iPad stands & iPhone stands were made to satisfy a need. We made something that we would buy.
100% designed and made in the USA. High quality, solid, built to last and to be environmentally conscious.

Home for iPhones and iPads

Do you want to charge your device while it's in the dock? Connect it and drop it in. Need to pick it up, just lift it; no need to disconnect any cable. When you're done, just drop it back into the dock.

'No Fishing' wire management

Wow, Video Calling is here. Free yourself, no need to hold onto your device. Place it in our dock, we designed it with this feature in mind.

Designed for Video Calling

So you bought a case to protect your device, and now it doesn't fit in your dock? We designed our stand to be used with or without a case.
Naked, with a case, without a case, fat case or skinny case, we accept all.

Use with or without device case

Sometimes I like it landscape, others I like portrait. Once again, our dock doesn't care. If you would like your to change the orientation based on the current task, we understand.
Your device has a home no matter how to look at it.

Landscape and portrait viewing

Variety is the spice of life. Looking for a specific color? We are all ears. If we agree, the first one made will have your name on it and it will be sent to you for free!

Available in a variety of colors

We value our environment and want to preserve it as much as possible. Our dock is made of Aluminum. Two-thirds of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. All paper materials are made of recycled paper.

Display your logo / message

That's right, we designed and built our dock right here in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Our area had a long history of developing high quality products and equipment. Ever heard of Bethlehem Steel, Air Products, Martin Guitar to name a few. We even made sure that ALL our materials, packaging, brochure and bumpers were made here in the good old USA!

Environmentally friendly

If you send your friends or clients a thank you gift for Christmas or any other special occation, then look no further than our ONE dock! Give them a cutting edge, quality American made product that is environmentally conscious and can be used with so many devices, iPads, ereaders, tablets, iPhones, smartphones, iPods and media players. Differentiate yourself from the crowd by giving them something they can actually enjoy! They will think of you every time they use it! We can customize the color, the logo and message.

Designed & Made in the USA